Level Up Your Future

Embark on a transformative journey with Aukaat, a dynamic fellowship program designed specifically for ambitious students from tier-2 and tier-3 colleges. Grasp real-world skills, work on groundbreaking projects, and earn while you learn - all without paying a dime! Make your mark and get a fast-track ticket to top-tier job opportunities, previously reserved for the privileged few.

Why Aukaat?

Transcend Limits

Aukaat offers an unmatched opportunity for tier-2 and tier-3 college students, combining practical experience, certified learning, and premier job access

Long-term Commitment
A 3-4 year program providing sustained guidance.
Inclusive Opportunity
An equal platform for tier-2 and tier-3 college students to gain industry experience.
Real-World Experience
Work on practical projects from leading startups.
Internships Sorted
Covering your internships for the first 2-3 years.
Financially Rewarding
Not just free, but financially rewarding. Earn a stipend as you learn.
Certified Learning
Receive a certificate upon successful completion.
Access to Top-Tier Job Market
Get priority access to premier job opportunities.
Guidance from Experienced Mentors
Learn from world-class engineers from IITs and companies like Google.


A team of seasoned and accomplished engineers await you at Aukaat. These industry experts bring their vast knowledge, diverse experiences, and cutting-edge insights to guide you, sharing their wisdom and empowering you to rise above your limits. Here is the chance to learn from the best, and become the best.

  • Harsh Jain

    Founder/CTO @ Kirsh Games

    An IIT Bombay Computer Science graduate and seasoned engineer. Harsh has distinguished himself both in academia, with victories in several international programming contests like ACM ICPC and TopCoder, and in his professional journey at companies such as Google. He has led technology teams in top startups in US and has co-founded multiple startups in the gaming and no-code space, currently leading his own startup, Kirsh Games. Harsh brings his rich experiences and insights to the Aukaat mentorship team, ready to guide aspiring engineers towards their goals.

  • Amit Upadhyay

    Founder/CTO @ Fifth Try

    Amit carries with him an incredible wealth of knowledge and industry experience. A graduate from IIT Bombay, Amit has a rich history of building tech startups from the ground up. Recognized as a Django and Rust expert, Amit has contributed significantly to the tech community by creating numerous open source tools for web development. He is currently at the forefront of innovation, leading a Y Combinator funded startup that's working on an exciting new programming language for the web. Amit is part of Aukaat mentorship team to share his unique insights, guiding aspiring engineers on their path to success.

Success Stories: Hear it Directly from Our Students

Witness the transformative journeys of our Aukaat fellows. Their experiences, growth, and achievements are a testament to the value and impact of our mentorship program. Here’s what they have to say about their journey with Aukaat.

    • Aukaat has given me the platform to harness my skills and gain practical knowledge. The guided projects are an invaluable experience!

      Ravi Kumar
      Student at IIT Roorkee
    • Aukaat has helped me refine my technical skills and gain hands-on experience. The internship opportunities are truly one-of-a-kind.

      Priyanka Joshi
      Student at NIT Trichy
    • The mentorship at Aukaat is exceptional. It's been incredible to learn from and work alongside seasoned professionals in the industry.

      Abhishek Gupta
      Student at BITS Pilani
    • Through Aukaat, I received a job offer from a top tech company. The access to such opportunities is unparalleled.

      Jay Lalakia
      Government Engineering College, Bharuch
    • Aukaat is so much more than a mentorship program. It's a community that has enhanced my learning experience and given my career a kickstart.

      Vikram Patil
      Student at Anna University
    • Aukaat's real-world projects and internships have boosted my confidence and equipped me with industry-relevant skills. I highly recommend it.

      Aman Sharma
      Student at Jadavpur University

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • What is Aukaat?

      Aukaat is an innovative platform that offers mentorship and training for students in tier-2 and tier-3 colleges by world-class engineers. Students can earn performance-based pay and gain invaluable networking opportunities with top CTOs in the industry.

    • Who is eligible to join Aukaat?

      Any student from a tier-2 or tier-3 college who is passionate about computer science and is willing to commit 10 to 40 hours per week to learning is eligible to join Aukaat.

    • How much can I earn through the Aukaat fellowship?

      Earnings vary based on performance and commitment, ranging from 5000 INR to 2 Lakhs INR per month.

    • Who will be mentoring me at Aukaat?

      Aukaat's mentorship network consists of world-class engineers who are seasoned professionals in the industry.

    • How does the Aukaat fellowship benefit my career?

      Beyond the mentorship and training, at the end of your Aukaat fellowship, you will be introduced to top CTOs in the industry. This networking opportunity can open doors to your future career.

    • What is the time commitment for the Aukaat fellowship?

      Students are expected to commit between 10-40 hours per week depending on their schedule and the plan they choose.

    • How do I apply to join the Aukaat fellowship?

      To apply, click on the "Apply Today" button on our website and follow the instructions provided.

    • Can I balance my college studies with the Aukaat fellowship?

      Yes. The Aukaat fellowship is designed with flexibility in mind to allow students to balance their college studies and the fellowship program.

    • What kind of support will I receive during my fellowship?

      Aukaat provides comprehensive support throughout your fellowship, including personalized training, mentorship, performance-based pay, and career guidance.

    • What happens after I complete my Aukaat fellowship?

      Once you've completed your fellowship, we'll introduce you to top CTOs in the industry. This could lead to job offers, internships, or further networking opportunities.

    • Does participating in Aukaat meet the requirements for an Industry Internship at my college?

      Yes, in most cases, participating in the Aukaat fellowship fulfills the requirements for an Industry Internship at many colleges. However, we always recommend checking with your specific institution or academic advisor to ensure our program aligns with your college's criteria.